Megan Hadfield

Megan Hadfield

Megan Hadfield


Pathway: Design Womenswear 2019



To be a part of a community, to have a sense of belonging, to be at the garage forecourt. Synonymous for being lad culture, the football scene has always felt like a man’s world, “It’s a working man’s game”. AT THE GARAGE FORECOURT was inspired by my childhood of living in a football mad household, from going to my first Liverpool game at the age of nine with my dad and admiring his dedication to his team, attending the games come rain or shine and even travelling abroad to support them. This collection explores the communal aspects of football, THE FANS. Focusing on the atmosphere and build up before a game through the eyes of female football fans drawing on personal experiences. The community that shows there is no football without the fans and the food.

Developing colours and print placements through the use of Gerber and sublimation printing onto sportswear fabrics such as shadow stripe and challenging the idea of sportswear through the use of lace. As well as digital embroidery and hand embellishments.