Megan Grewcock

Megan Grewcock

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017




"We are living in a “media-drenched, data-rich, channel-surfing, computer-gaming age.”
“The WellYou Yoga Range was created to establish a new way of buying yoga wear, educating consumers into the technical fit of the garments. The capsule collection will change the way consumers shop, learning to take an interest in how their sportswear can benefit them whilst exercising."
The WellYou concept was developed after key Dissertation findings highlighted that the average adult spends around 25 hours a week online (Ofcom, 2016). Additionally, Ofcom found that many consumers are now facing the consequences of too much technology, both physically and mentally including having feelings of envy and anxiety (Coughlan, 2016). Digital detoxes are therefore becoming a popular choice for consumers, taking time away from their daily lives and technology, encouraging people to unplug and slow down.

The concept was designed to be a leisure club experience focusing on exercise, food and retail, combining yoga classes, athleisure shopping, social eating and personalised nutrition. Leading on from the concept, the chosen focus was to develop the athleisure offering, due to key findings found within the wellness, yoga and athleisure markets. Producing a capsule yoga clothing collection, the WellYou Yoga Range, in which the products are designed for specific forms of yoga, using the properties of each yoga style to dictate the fit and fabric choice of the garments. The largest video displays the trend development of the range, with the final colours, print, silhouettes and range also shown. Critical paths, sales forecasts and a financial plan including a 1 year cash flow forecast and break even analysis was created as part of my Final Major Project. This enabled me to demonstrate analytical, numerical and Excel skills needed to work within Merchandising, and support my aspiration to work in this area of the fashion industry.

Alongside my third year modules, the events management module in my second year enabled a variety of my skills to be showcased, and provided practical experience to build on when starting work in the industry. The brief was to organise an event, within a team of eight, to raise money and awareness for local charity St Basils. This included fundraising to put on the event, presenting to lecturers pre and post event, highlighting target consumers, marketing material, and analysing the overall success of the event. A variety of skills were learnt and developed including teamwork and leadership from taking an events director role, plus networking and business acumen.

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