Megan Grace Cotterell

Megan Grace Cotterell

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Final Major Project: The Reinvention Agency

The future of retirement.

"Older people have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can be among the best assets a business can have." Business of Fashion


A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate with five years of customer facing work experience, which has developed communication skills, and encouraged a career in the Recruitment industry. Through completing modules including trends forecasting, events management, marketing and PR, and the independent final project, a strong mix of creative, business and transferable skills have been developed in preparation for industry. As such, this independent final project has been tailored to the future of the recruitment sector.

Independent Final Project:

‘The Reinvention Agency’ is an online platform and network providing support and work placements for consumers looking to retire from an existing career and enter into a new work life. It provides a new future of ageing by giving consumers the chance to carry on using their specialties working, but in an environment suited to their needs.

The Agency battles the stigma surrounding the “universal obsession with the preservation of youth” (Friend, 2018) through the concept of embracing the positive attributes that come with age. With age comes knowledge, money and freedom, and the Agency guides consumers into a new way of retirement by focusing on and using these qualities.

The population is living longer, “by 2020 one in five people in the UK will live to be 100” (Warc, 2019), therefore the number of people able to claim a pension has increased significantly in the last few decades. Pension schemes are running out of the necessary funding in many instances, resulting in more people relying on government funding to support them in their older age. Consequently, there is a demand for people to work for longer to try and tackle the funding shortage. The Agency provides a solution for elderly isolation and pension dependency by giving people a motive.

The final outcomes for this independent final project include a research document, business plan, marketing strategy and a website.