Megan Crafer

Megan Crafer



Vintage Vuitton

A BA (Hons) Fashion and Business Promotion graduate aspiring to a Buying and Merchandising career. As a versatile business minded individual with a competitive nature, this had been developed through university projects, professional presentations and industry experience.

With an interest in buying and merchandising, my extensive knowledge of both business and fashion skills learnt through practice throughout degree, will give me great advantage. the attention to detail, my professionalism and commitment are strong qualities that I have developed throughout studies and work experience.

This dissertation focused on the growth and the rise in popularity of the resale market, highlighting the effects it has on the different sectors within the fashion industry.

Examining the issues of pollution and waste produced from the fashion industry, the resale market showed to be a beneficial solution to improving fashions circular economy. Within the market of resale, different platforms have become available to consumers to embrace this 'recommerce' concept.

Potentially becoming bigger than fast fashion, the accessibility of purchasing used branded items at a cheaper price is affecting the different sectors in fashion. These aspects are essential for potential future trends in resale, creating a major shift for recommerce.

Following on from the dissertation research, analysis into the emerging problems for the luxury sector with the rise in the recommerce market, it was clear that the resale market was diluting luxury brands exclusivity. This exploration led my final major project concept in creating a reselling platform for a luxury brand to utilise.

CONCEPT: Vintage Vuitton is a sub business unit supporting Louis Vuitton, allowing consumers to have direct brand access to sell and purchase pre-owned items. As a supporting part of the official Louis Vuitton website and app, this will be the first dedicated reselling platform implemented by a luxury brand.

This concept has been designed to meet the resale needs of both the brand and consumers; aimed at existing consumers wanting to upgrade as well as new consumers wanting to buy into the brand. This innovative concept enables the brand to have stronger brand control and better regulation of pricing, creating a network to sell and upgrade products.

Through collaboration from industry experts and graphic designers, a clear brand identity was established as a sub business unit for Louis Vuitton. A business plan, Adobe XD app and website, with marketing visuals were produced to support my final major project concept.