Megan Bromage

Megan Bromage

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Fashion Psychology and Mental Health

"Growth is growth no matter how small"

A BA (hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, from Birmingham City University, aspiring to achieve a successful career in Marketing and Public Relations. My degree has enabled the development of a broad range of skills across various sectors such as Marketing and Public Relations, International Retailing, Trends Forecasting and Events Management. Over the 3 years of my degree, I have acquired skills in Adobe software including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator along with further programmes such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sketch-up.


My Dissertation title- Are fashion subcultures impacting Identity in modern society? Explores how fashion shapes identity in modern society, through the reaction to a certain fashion subculture or trend and how this is impacting generation Z. The study includes research into past and future subcultures, why people follow trends and the influence that fashion subcultures on generation Z.

Including both primary and secondary research channels including a questionnaire, a focus group and the analysis of multiple psychological studies and reports helped me to gain an extensive insight into my question.

The conclusions drawn from this study show how youth are influencing change within brands especially marketing as they want to cater to the individuals not mainstream audiences. Throughout the study personality is what people want to express through their clothing demonstrating that even through mainstream retailers it can still allow youth to show their identity. The compilation of social and cultural external factors do impact someone’s identity and is expressed through ways that can be seen; fashion.

Final Independent Project:

Threads from my Major Project inspired my Final Independent Project concept of a wellness community called Active Space in collaboration with the wellness app Moodpath.

Active Space is a community centred event space that incorporates both mind and body to create a whole emotional well being. It will be as part of the Moodpath app including events, rewards and communication channels via a subscription service. It would have a series of activities for people to attend including physical activities such as park walks through to social activities such as coffee mornings in-tern improving one’s mental health.

For my Final Independent Project, I created a business plan (above) and research and collaboration booklet. Detailed plans and mock-ups were created throughout (left). Visual details of my Final Independent Project were in keeping with those of the Moodpath style as this best reflected the atheistic of their branding.