Megan Amphlett

Megan Amphlett



A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, aspiring to secure a role within the digital marketing, social media and public relations sector. Throughout my final year at university my work has had a clear focus on streetwear, social media and street culture.
Dissertation: “An investigation into the development of Streetwear and how this has led to a lucrative resale market, Led by Generation Z.”

My initial interest in Streetwear and the resale marketplace sparked from my younger brothers’ passion and knowledge, leading to successful profit making from the collection and collation of high-end streetwear pieces.

I investigated how the change in streetwear has impacted the fashion choices and expectations of Generation Z and how this has led to a change in buying habits, in particular resale for profit. This study has identified the key subcultural movements that influenced the progression of Streetwear style from a niche market into how it is perceived as mainstream fashion today. I explored the impact the increase of social media has had on the streetwear sector and how the supply and demand model causes exclusivity and hype surrounding ‘Drop Culture’. My curiosity lies in how these factors have contributed to the development of the resale market and the overall culture surrounding Streetwear.

Final Major Project: URL>IRL Streetwear Convention X Depop
Following on from my research undertaken in my Dissertation, I undertook conceptual creation stages to produce an innovative business ideation that met a unique selling point requirement. I looked at Key Drivers immediate to the topic area including;
• The rise in the resale market
• The development of the Events Industry
• The increase in social media usage
• The rise in Streetwear
These combined led to a clear innovative business concept of a Streetwear Convention, focusing on exclusivity, hype and resale. The event would be the first of its kind to be held in the UK and in collaboration with the resale app Depop. It aims to combine all aspects of street culture including; fashion, art, apparel, music, sports and food all into one event ran over the duration of a weekend - providing the opportunity to see a collection of the world greatest street brands and learn first-hand from some of streetwear’s most exclusive brands.
A business plan, marketing visuals, promotional material, and a working prototype of the event mobile App were all created to support the convention concept.
Video 1 (top) Final Major Project highlights.
Video 2 (left) Portfolio highlights.
Video 3 (right) Dissertation flick through.