Meena Ali

Meena Ali

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Final Major Project: 3DMe & Selfridges

An innovative, interactive personalized service that will make shopping an exciting and accessible all from the comfort of your home or work. 3DMe was created in order to fill a gap on the market that was found for a personalised and unique

" A truely unique and innovative concept that I can see working in a place like Selfridges"- Mary from Lattitude Marketing, London

Meena Ali recently graduated from Birmingham City University in Fashion & Business Promotion, after coming from a creative background I wanted to do something that in my degree where I had the opportunity to make a difference and expand my creativity.
My portfolio contains some of my strongest and most creative work done, Visual Merchandising, International retailing & Events Management. Visual Merchandising was one of the first topic that was a group project creating a store concept for Selfridges, as it was one of my first projects I had to learn Sketch up and Indesign on the spot as I had never used it before. The second project is International Retailing, which is where we have to take an already established business and take it to a country to internationalise it, this was one of my favourite project as it allowed me to take creative control of my work and really explore it, I looked at market positioning, competitors, analysed data and evaluated the best outcome for the business.
My final major project is called 3DMe and the concept came after doing a lot of in-depth research in my dissertation and competition module I found that there was a gap in the market for personalisation and the key consumer this would appeal to would be Millennials. The concept begins with a 3D scanner that is placed in the Selfridges store, the consumer can then get scanned where is will create a profile and a like for like avatar of the consumer. Once this it done the pod can then analyse the data and recommend the size of the garment the consumer is looking for. Once the garments are selected they can then watch their avatar come to life in a virtual reality catwalk that allows the consumer to see what the garment they are looking for looks like from all angles. The consumer can then use the details they used to log on via the app or website allowing the consumer to shop from the comfort of their home, the app/website offers the consumer various incentives such as a loyalty rewards scheme for every time they shop they collect points, they are rewarded on their birthday and anniversary date of joining. Some of the other features are an interactive corner, wish list and a post it corner. The concept has been created to offer consumers an innovative and truly unique experience that allows consumers a personalised and technological experience like no other.