Maurilio Tavares

Maurilio Tavares

Maurilio Tavares

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design Menswear 2020



As an evolving species we tend to live for the future, as we dream of things, we
want to achieve and conquer. And we accept that constant evolution means that
humans are constantly changing and growing both inside and outside. Those
changes on cause society to put people into boxes and categories so, they are “better” understood. Label exists to support the changes people go through from 18 years of age to 35 years old. We believe that those changes cause people to question their identity as they feel a lack of belonging despite of what culture you belong to. Big part of who we are it is the way we present ourselves. Getting dressed it can be pleasurable joyful. We provide a style rather than fashion trends. We shared the idea that once you develop your style you can become more charismatic and confident within. At Label we believe in uniqueness and open mindedness. Since we are aiming to bring cultures.

At Label we do not believe in stereotypes, as is a devise word and tends to put people in ‘boxes’. We are committed on inspiring and motivate those who still finding themselves through clothes. We believe that garments are much more than just piece worn to cover the body. Clothes are the first impression on the first meet before saying any words. We believe that in life on the process of growing people shed many skins in order to find themselves.
Maurilio Tavares