Mary Elizabeth Cox

Mary Elizabeth Cox

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Acne Studios Eco

It's easy to be eco.

“Two-thirds of Millennials base more of their purchasing decisions on whether a company’s practices and mission align with their values.”

A keen interest in environmental awareness provoked an in-depth research study for a dissertation, investigating consumer attitudes and stereotypes associated with sustainable fashion, and how marketing strategies can influence a new perspective. The recommendations that were concluded from the Dissertation inspired the Final Major Project; Acne Studios Eco - a sustainable capsule collection launched by Acne Studios that has a focus on consumer education and the encouragement of a sustainable lifestyle.

The collection, made from innovative and sustainable fabrics, will provide conscious alternatives for consumers that has creativity and design at the forefront of the range. This will be beneficial in challenging the stereotypes surrounding sustainable fashion that are still prevalent among many consumers. Launching the range with Acne Studios will demonstrate that design can remain at the forefront of eco-friendly fashion and that sacrifices in design or quality do not need to be made for the sake of an environmental benefit. It will also fulfil the need for more fashion brands to begin incorporating more sustainable business practices as the consumer demand for transparency increases.

This encouragement of sustainable behaviour comes at a crucial time. Consumers must acknowledge where their clothes come from and change their attitudes and behaviour for the sake of the environment.
“We’ve made a mess of this planet and we need to stop thinking it’s not our problem, that it’s up for debate or it’s just too hard to fix. Dive bombing our heads in the sand or thinking it’s up to the tree huggers just isn’t an option anymore,” (BeAnUnFucker, 2017).

The outcomes of my final major project included a business plan, range plan with fabric swatch booklet and marketing guide, highlighting how consumers will engage with the range, and learn to live a more conscious lifestyle.

This work reflects my attitudes towards sustainability within the fashion industry. In the future, I want to be able to challenge the stereotypes of sustainable fashion through visual communication, branding, and marketing, demonstrating the ease that can come with adopting a more conscious lifestyle, for the sake of the environment.

Video 1 (Top): Final Major Project - Acne Studios Eco
Video 2 (Left): Eco Reveal User Guide
Video 3 (Right): Dissertation