Maria Kabran

Maria Kabran

Maria Kabran

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021




Belonging to radical communities is becoming increasingly important to Gen Z as they strive to dismantle the status quo, they are using their entrepreneurial spirit to build and create their own communities which is why many black owned businesses are looking to belong to communities and have shared experiences.

These notions gave birth to Nu Cloud, an exclusive virtual platform that provides community and support to minority and black owned businesses in the UK. The business will provide minority business owners a safe haven, a sense of belonging and a range of support to help them navigate their respective business sectors.

The platform is more than a digital hub, it is a virtual community which aims to connect black owned business owners together, bridge the gap between them while promoting meaningful exchanges and socialisation. The virtual hub is set to help the users wellbeing by connecting them and pushing nurturing interactions.

In a climate where brands and their founders are using their positions of power to help amplify black-founded businesses, Nu Cloud offers a platform where they will be able to access tailor made support for their business needs. It offers a range of financial guidance, up to date information regarding the current economic climate and the pandemic as well as mental health support, creative and educational tools for minority business owners.

Throughout my University Degree, I have developed skills in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, whilst conducting in-depth research on consumers and their behaviours and analysing new trends. Conducting Primary research, Field Research and Desk research to expand knowledge on new innovative topics. I have developed communication and presenting skills throughout modules to address my ideas.

My desired career path is buying or trend forecasting and this project has allowed me to showcase both my creative and academic skills that would apply to trend forecasting roles. Critical planning and extensive research methods were used throughout the development of this project. With creative thinking enabling a coherent and viable outcome that I can proudly showcase to potential employers.