COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021

Media CV


cheapter 1

This portfolio will show my work and finished products in the three years of university. The first two years of study have provided me with a wealth of practical experience for my final project. You will see my growth and skills improvement throughout the process. The most important part of this portfolio is my final independent production “meta world app.” It fully demonstrated my creative thoughts and insight into trends, as well as execution ability and final display ability.
This portfolio shows my text design ability and copywriting presentation effect. I hope it will highlight my skills, such as the use of software in related industries, insights into major trends, and strong action. Throughout the course of practice, I found that I was more interested in coordinating various relationships and using design software to come up with creative ideas. Therefore, in the future career planning, I want to work in the public relations industry with strong action or as a fashion editor. I hope to serve as a clerical editor or implement a specific project in the team. In the presentation of this entire portfolio, I will focus on showing my creative thoughts, unique insight, comprehensiveness of data collection, and quick assessment of water products. The presentation of the portfolio reflects the focus of my concern in the entire industry, such as how the fashion industry is environmentally friendly, where the fashion industry will go under the digital trend and my predictions for the future of the industry.