Maia Boric

Maia Boric

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Marko

Marko will revolutionise mens outlook on their perception on grooming. The professionals come to you.
The concept, offering haircuts, trims and beard shaving, is a prestige - luxurious grooming experience accessible from any hotel or office location in central london.
Marko targets the generation x consumer 34-54, the menopausal tribe. The concept will launch in September 2016. Marko will be using and selling grooming products by Taylor of Old Bond Street, a British made brand which was founded by Jeremiah Taylor in 1854. The brand epitomizes classic British style and understands elegance, reliability and quality with their products being manufactured and designed to meet the highest standard which will represent Marko as a brand also.

Marko offers a service where users are able to book, re-serve grooming treatments, and buy products through the use of their service. The unique selling point is that it is a premium express service where the professionals come to you.

It is instant customer service with easy scheduling for an appointment through the use of a smartphone app, a flexible and convenient option for men who have less time than most to have a social life involving retail and attending an actual barber store.

Marko will create a successful brand reputation by incorporating the use of celebrity endorsement, social media advertising and marketing to gain brand loyalty and familiarity in the luxury male grooming market.

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