Mairead Harrison

Mairead Harrison

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



“ We are on a mission to spread awareness on the importance of 1) sustainable fashion and 2) sustaining fashion.”

“Good design is sustainable design”

Throughout my three years of studying Fashion Business and Promotion I have developed skills in a variety of different roles, such as Trend Forecasting, Buying and Merchandising, Branding and Marketing, Public Relations and Visual Merchandising.
 In my final year, I have developed a strong interest for strategically influencing the fashion industry to move into a more sustainable direction. This is reflected through my Dissertation and Final Major Project outcomes.

My dissertation titled, ‘Sustainable Fibres: How viable are they in the Fashion Industry, and to what extent will Millennials engage with them?’ explored a number of alternatives that can be used in replace of the damaging conventional fibres regularly used for the production of fashion. The practicality of using these in the mass market was then considered, before focusing on how well consumers will respond and be willing to opt for sustainable fashion.

The conclusions reached through my Dissertation led to the creation of my final major project concept: Revival by COS.
Revival aims to encourage consumers to be conscious of the damage they are buying into when purchasing clothing. It offers consumers an entire mix and match wardrobe of sustainable outfits, with timeless designs and long lasting quality created from the use of innovative sustainable fibres.
It’s about making your style sustainable not only now, but in the future.
The concept spreads awareness from brand to consumers through an innovative in-store experience using technology such as projections and digital touch screens that will leave a memorable and educational mark on all individuals. Revival will successfully take advantage of the gap in the UK’s unsaturated sustainable luxury high-street fashion market.

After graduating from Textiles Design, Technology and Innovation MSc at De Montfort University in 2019, I aim to secure a role within a sustainability team of a fashion brand, educating and encouraging consumers on the importance of sustainable shopping habits - marketing sustainable fashion as a cool, contemporary and beneficial choice.

The top landscape video offers a snapshot of Revivals goals and functions.
The left portrait GIF reflects revivals branding and aesthetic.
The right landscape video is a flick through of Revivals A/W 19 lookbook - showcasing the entire male and female collections.