Mae Al Mousa

Mae Al Mousa

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Protect ME Platform

Independent Final Project

1 in 3 women suffer physical and sexual abuse from intimate partners worldwide.

Based on the Major Project - Dissertation titled, "The Digital Saviour", which answered the question, "How has social media facilitated a network of support for women suffering domestic violence in Kuwait?".

The Independent Final Project explored the issue of domestic violence and harassment in my home country, Kuwait, and the solution was personally motivated to offer easily accessible resources to women in need of urgent relief or rescue.

Protect ME is a Civil Society Organisation providing a platform of crucial resources to women experiencing domestic violence and harassment in Kuwait. It serves as a library of life-saving information and resources such as contacts of related organisations, emergency services and medical services. It offers a user-friendly, easily accessible way of contacting organisations receiving protection and refuge from an uncomfortable, unwanted or abusive situation. This new platform will give comfort, understanding and empowerment to women. Protect ME’s initial plan is to be the sole platform in Kuwait, facilitating communication and support network between essential organisations, services, professionals and women experiencing domestic violence, harassment or any form of abuse in their daily lives.

These resources would include the contacts of NGOs at the forefront of tackling these issues, vital information educating women about their civil rights, access to lawyers in case of legal difficulties impeding on their safety as well as tutorials on how to utilise social media and technology to their aid. Protect ME would be based on Instagram (, educational account (@catcallsofkuwait), and have its own dedicated website ( as Major Project research shows women have resorted to contacting organisations through social media to receive necessary support especially during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns in Kuwait (The Shadow Pandemic).

The Independent Final Project work consisted of a thorough Research Journey document, Collaboration document, Business Plan and Creative Outcomes; mock-ups of the website, social media accounts as well as the technological self-defence tutorials.
My ambition is to pursue a Masters in Luxury Brand Management and gain essential skills and experiences by working for prestigious Luxury brands internationally, with the hopes of operating a Luxury brand consultancy firm based in the Middle East.