Madison Moss

Madison Moss

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: celebrating city specific independents


Lead not Follow. Homage to Heritage. Exceed Expectations.
Visual Merchandising is “the single and most important reason to engage and inspire shoppers.” - Molson, 2011
A new trend which sees brands and retailers using localisation when it comes to their physical stores is beginning the cause a change in the once traditional merchandising world. Shopping will always be seen as a social activity and the evolving world of in store experience is the future in retail.

Depend is a Birmingham based company, combining localisation in a regenerating city with unique brands, we aim to create an offer currently unavailable in any other city. The new Depend website gives customers online, on the go access to independent retailers without having to go in store. A directory of all the brands within Birmingham will be available to browse and purchase alongside news and event information. A pop up shop campaign for the website in collaboration with Selfridges will not only give a platform to new consumers but recognition in a well known department store.At Depend we are passionate about the community and supporting local talent and we hope to work with 100 different independents within 2 years. As Depend offer a unique experience to indulge in independent retailing, we hope our future will lead to larger scale collaborations with international growth. As a company we want to be profitable, we want independents to want to work with us and grow together.

Depend is proud to bring you an eclectic mix or heritage and next generation brands and have been hand picked in order to represent our customer. Targeting the forward thinking, must havers and the one of a kind wanters of Generation Z, with technology being second nature to them, Depend aims to be their go-to. We aim to be leaders in the online generation of independent following and be as authentic as the brands we stock.

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