Madeline-Rose Crichton-Fuller

Madeline-Rose Crichton-Fuller

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


The Flare App

BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion Graduate with a determination to secure a career in Marketing within the Lifestyle or Gaming industry. Throughout my degree, my passion for the Marketing industry has developed, the skills I have gained such as critical analysis, attention to detail and Adobe Creative Cloud software has put me on the path towards a successful career. These skills are evident throughout my final year of work with the creation of an app, website and marketing material.


“Virtual Self vs. Reality: How are gaming brands capitalising on virtual consumerism?”

The focus of this study was to make a connection between the fashion industry and growing gaming industry and how fashion brands were tapping into the key ideas of gaming to expand their brand and reach new audiences. The research gained insights into how different industries had taken inspiration from gaming to promote themselves such as Virtual Reality for fashion shows, the Burberry Bounce game, and the rise of CGI fashion. From this there was a clear expression of the gaming industry amongst others and the advancements in technology could create a path for more experimental marketing in the future with interpretations from the gaming industry.

Final Major Project

The acceleration of the gaming industry was visible through the amount of influence the industry has on others such as the rise of CGI Fashion, Virtual Reality, and the rise of gaming influences from platforms such as Twitch and Tiktok. The impact of COVID-19 left a lot of people without social interaction turning to gaming as their escapism, however with this there was an impact on mental health.

Flare is a mobile application and desktop that offers a bridge between men’s mental health and the gaming industry. Targeting 18-25 year olds whom from research are a common group of individuals who suffer in silence and are large contributors to the gaming industry. Flare is not to replace medial/professional advice but can be a cheaper alternative or accessible for those who are not NHS qualified.

Collaborators from a range of backgrounds helped to guide the research following the business idea. A business plan and visuals were then produced to support the final major project concept. Visuals included promotional material for a marketing collaboration with CEX, custom drawn imagery for Flare, as well as app and website mock-ups.
Madeline-Rose Crichton-Fuller