Maddy Price

Maddy Price

Maddy Price

COURSE: Textiles

Pathway: Retail Management


SKRT includes. SKRT recognizes. SKRT represents

In 2019 we live in a world where inclusion should be second nature, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for streetwear culture and the industry that surrounds it.

Labelled by many as a “boys club” streetwear has continuously segregated the females who show an interest and knowledge within the culture. It’s an industry where women have to put in twice as much effort to gain the respect of their male colleagues and are looked down on if they wear too much makeup, or dress against the stereotypical “tomboy” aesthetic. If you think you know about trainers, you don’t. If you can recall a 2014 Supreme release, it’s confirmed by a google search and gasps. There’s no worldwide recognition that females have the same knowledge as their male opponents, and it’s a heavily intimidating market where big brands such as Supreme and Palace continue to see girls as props instead of people. So who are the females in streetwear? What are they doing? What are they wearing? What do they know?

SKRT. is a female streetwear magazine aiming to provide recognition and representation to the female streetwear market. It has been created and curated to provide a platform of representation and recognition to females within streetwear culture. Its aim is to be informative, allowing those new and old to develop interest and insight into the brands, the people and the streetwear community. There are barriers that need to be broken and SKRT intends to break them by being inclusive and creating a platform that champions the streetwear female presence.

Streetwear isn’t just a boy’s club, it’s for girls of all ages too!