Maddison Collins

Maddison Collins

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Final Major Project

"Generation Z are the ultimate early adopters, powering the first visual culture of tomorrow."

Micro tribe Gen Viz are social beings who prefer to have fun experiences with friends rather than online.

A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate from Birmingham City University. Experience in PR and Social Media via a previous internship and over one years experience in fashion and beauty retail. This course has provided me with crucial skills to take forward into the Fashion Business industry, specifically in the PR and Marketing sector.

'TAP & TRY' was created in response to key trends evident throughout my dissertation. It aims to introduce interactive technology to the high- street beauty market to appeal to the micro tribe Gen Viz.

The concept is to work with high street beauty brand ‘NYX’ to use an interactive screen which will be installed into the makeup counter. Consumers will see themselves on the screen where they can then be shown via the interactive technology which shade of a product (e.g. lipstick) suits them best. This is based on their skin tone, hair colour and eye colour which is all detected via augmented reality. The concept is aiming to capture the short attention span of Generation Z and it is also aimed at their parents - Generation X. It offers the high street a concept that is currently only evident in the luxury beauty market and it also has an educational aspect for Gen Viz; teaching them which make up suits their features best. It’s evident that there is an opportunity for this concept within the high-street beauty market.
It offers the target consumer a personal service where they can have personalisation as a key part of their shopping experience. This makes it fun for Gen Viz, allowing them to immerse themselves fully into this new technology that they will not have yet experienced on a high-street beauty counter.

The Visual Merchandising concept was in collaboration with Selfridges & Co. The aim was to create a new store concept for the Birmingham Bullring store based on the theme 'A Material World'. A 3D mock up of the in store concept was created via Sketchup and shows the three pods that would be placed in the store. These pods would be made out of three different types of sustainable materials and each have a different purpose for the consumer. The video also shows the window display for the concept and what the packaging to go alongside this would look like.