Lyra Ordinario

Lyra Ordinario

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021




Enhancing and Embracing Inner & Outer Beauty

Corresponds to the Major Project - Dissertation based on, "What is the line between appropriating and appreciating a culture within the luxury sector?".

The Independent Final Project was based on Morena, a skincare brand that celebrates and enhances darker skin tones, to the apparent lack of appreciation and acknowledgment experienced by women and men in the Philippines and Asia. The skin whitening industry has seen a continuous mass following and growth. As a response, Morena’s concept and vision aim to provide a positive approach to empowering, and showcasing tanned and darker complexions. After encountering the issue throughout living and experiencing the culture, I have personally found this to become damaging towards society. Therefore, my goal for the project was to offer an insightful viewpoint on skin tones and skincare.

Morena’s products thrive to embrace the Philippines' natural sun exposure by providing products to enhance the darker skin complexions. An SPF, facial moisturiser, BB cream, and tanning serum was designed and formulated to suit the climate and environment of Asia. Finally, there is a service provided for the Filipino community to have a wider insight and knowledge concerning the effect of the toxic advertisement of skin whitening and why Morena is a healthier alternative that focuses on beauty from within.

Morena Skincare is an online growing brand, the consumers will be able to purchase the products through the official Instagram page @skinbymorena. Additionally, the brand has an easily accessible website to browse all products and to research further into Morena's brand identity,

Overall, the Independent Final Project included; an in-depth Research Journal to show the whole process throughout the module. Secondly, a Collaboration Document that highlights significant teamwork and connections. Lastly, an elaborated Business Plan and Creative Outcomes that provided mock-ups of the Instagram page, website, uniform, and product designs.


I aspire to pursue a role in Social Media Marketing for an online e-commerce brand such as ASOS, Oh Polly, and PrettyLittleThing. I hope to express my creativity and innovations further, by gaining the experience required for the Fashion Industry.