Lydia Sanders

Lydia Sanders

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


The National Council for Voluntary Organisations estimates that a minimum of £4.3 billion in income for charities has been lost due to Covid-19. (Third Sector, 2020)

This is where Pledge can help.

Pledge has been developed to increase donations to charity by focusing on encouraging smaller, more consistent donations. This is achieved through the motivational, inclusive and community driven space that the app provides to encourage users to tick off their to do lists.

Users will pledge to complete a task, within a time frame they have allocated themselves, that they may otherwise struggle to finish due to lack of motivation. They then pledge to make a small donation to a charity of their choice should they complete their chosen task in the timescale they have set themselves – if they complete this, they receive a reward in return.

During Covid-19, people’s everyday lives have been changed completely and the public have found themselves having to adapt in almost every aspect of life. This has led people to learn new skills, take up new hobbies, adapt their fitness regimes and face the challenges of working from home. Pledge would provide extra motivation and a way of feeling part of a community, whilst we’re all apart.

Covid-19 has also seen many people do funny, interesting and unique challenges to raise money for charities and institutions struggling, such as the NHS. Pledge would give these people a platform to share their stories, build communities, stay motivated and increase donations from other users.

This app creates a simple and easy way for people to start fundraising for, or donate to, charity. Pledge provides a safe and convenient mechanism for individuals to donate, as well as an efficient and reliable service for charities to build trust between themselves and consumers. Adapting the donation process to digital helps to provide a frictionless, personalised experience that equals trust and loyalty.

Wanting to pursue a career in marketing and advertising, the combination of creativity and commerciality this project possesses highlights my understanding of how ideas can engage with consumers. Passionate about creating campaigns and formulating ideas that will make an impact in the media, I am looking forward to entering an industry where creativity fuses with function to make people view concepts, brands, issues and products in a new way.