Lydia May Shepherd

Lydia May Shepherd

Lydia May Shepherd

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



I am a Fashion Business & Promotion graduate from Birmingham City University. After exploring various different industry sectors throughout my studies, I have developed an interest in pursuing a career within Marketing, PR and Social Media. University has advanced my skills through written reports and studies, working as part of a team and through presentations. The modules I have explored led me to research and produce work on various topics which interest me, including mental health, body positivity, the gender pay gap and sustainability. However, the topic of environmental sustainability is something I have developed a real passion for throughout my final year.

In my dissertation, I studied the extent in which fast fashion retailers should adapt their marketing strategies in reaction to the Gen-Z and Millennial consumer-led trend for sustainability. It was evident to me that consumers are becoming increasingly aware about making conscious purchasing decisions and the importance of a brand having strong ethics, so I explored how fast fashion retailers, typically the most significant in promoting overconsumption, could adapt their marketing strategies to react to this.

Leading on from my dissertation, in my Independent Final Project I wanted to take forward some of the research I had gained into a creative and educational project. I created an interactive magazine, ANTHROPOZINE, based around sustainable consumer culture, with features that include fashion, beauty, arts, design and photography. Targeted primarily towards the older Millennial and Gen-X consumer, the magazine aims to offer knowledge about the topic of sustainability as well as sustainable recommendations. With Gen-Z being a secondary target consumer, I collaborated with a sustainable clothing brand to create a TikTok advertisement that readers could scan over via a smartphone to come to life.

Other outcomes for my IFP included a business plan (outlining the concept, target consumer and market, a marketing plan, financial background and business operations), featured to the right, as well as magazine marketing material, packaging considerations and a branding guide.