Lydia May Shackleton-Jeffery

Lydia May Shackleton-Jeffery

Lydia May Shackleton-Jeffery

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


'Pick & Mix' for Oliver Bonas

“Me-time is not a luxury but an essential. Me-time is about feeding your soul, listening to your inner self and taking a moment to embrace all that is you. We are our longest commitments, so we must make ourselves a priority.”

I am a (BA) Hons Fashion Business and Promotion graduate from Birmingham City University. Throughout my final year at University my work has been tailored around making a difference to our current and future generations physical and mental wellbeing by adapting the existing branding and marketing model in place. I have a passion for colour and design and hope to use this and my sustainable beliefs to redirect the way consumers shop and spend. 

An extensive study was undertaken through dissertation research which concluded that a contributing factor towards our current cultures distorted vision on femininity falls within negative publications and unachievable social publishing’s, which has further implemented the rise in generation D’s self-esteem issues. Further research provided an insight into what may be inaccurate branding by retail brands misunderstanding consumer’s wellbeing through attaching trending buzzwords to their marketing strategies. This concluded the demand for education behind wellbeing products is crucial for the value of the brand and the consumer.

These factors were redefined and developed into ‘Pick & Mix’ by Oliver Bonas; created for the benefit of consumer wellbeing. The aim of the business is to offer consumers more products for a lower price point with a specific focus on their wellbeing. The service hopes to curate an at home experience where consumers can switch off and prioritise me-time.

The concept of ‘Pick & Mix’ offers consumers existing Oliver Bonas products as part of an exclusive seasonal service where consumers can select 4 out of 12 products per season; packaged in an exclusive sustainable tote bag. The service provides education through product practice cards, which outlines the use, features and benefits of each product. The diversity of the product range, which covers all 5 senses, allows the consumer to tailor the service to their own personal preferences.

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