Lydia Kate Yeabsley

Lydia Kate Yeabsley

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



'Experience is the new high street mantra'

‘Consumers are looking for new spaces in which to socialise, share, engage and learn. Brands can extend the reach of their relationship by becoming the heart of the community’

I am a recent graduate of Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons), from Birmingham City University. I have a keen interest in the business of fashion, with a strong engrossment in the marketing sector. Throughout my three years at University I have developed skills in a variety of roles, such as: Buying and Merchandising, Trends Forecasting, Visual Merchandising, International Retailing and Marketing and PR. However, throughout my three years I have gained a strong passion for Marketing and PR influencing my Dissertation and Final Major Project.

My dissertation was titled ‘New Face of Bricks and Mortar Retail’ which investigated how fashion retailers were increasing dwell time to cement brand loyalty and escalate footfall in bricks and mortar stores, using lifestyle experiences. It explored how brands could use lifestyle experiences such as in-store cafes to increase footfall in bricks and mortar stores, and therefore get consumers offline and in-store.

For my Final Major Project, I was keen to take the findings from my Dissertation and apply them to an already established lifestyle store. I chose the brand Oliver Bonas who are already frontrunners in the lifestyle products they sell, so introducing an in-store cafe and live cookery workshops was an obvious step for the brand. The lifestyle concept was therefore named ‘Olive for Oliver Bonas’ which focused on giving ‘Fastronomic Foodies’ a new place to sit, eat, relax and enjoy the Oliver Bonas merchandise around them. It gives the consumers a sensory experience, and reinforces and extends the brands ideals.

Throughout my three years at Birmingham City University, I have had a strong interest in the marketing sector and have particularly enjoyed modules in this field, such as Marketing, Branding and PR as well as International Retailing. These modules allowed me to express my business knowledge through my creative side which I developed through work experience at Next Plc and Bauer Media. In the Future I hope to excel in a marketing and branding role at a fashion house and to be able to showcase my skills that I have learnt through Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons). In the last three years I have found that my love for fashion - which began at an early age - is definitely the career choice for me and I am grateful for the knowledge, experiences and opportunities I have had whilst a student.

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