Lydia Holland

Lydia Holland



ASOS x Selfridges

“The UK clothing market is going through a dramatic period of change. Online is not only capturing a greater share of consumer spending but it is also highly influential in what consumers are choosing to buy.” Samantha Dover, Senior Retail Analyst at Mintel (Mintel, 2018)

My Final Major Project represented my research throughout my final year of University from my Dissertation and Competition module. The video on the left was one of my final outcomes of my Final Major Project, representing my concept: Asos x Selfridges, which was taking Asos’ Collusion brand into Selfridges as a showroom concession. The basis of this concept was a new technological experience for the customer, Generation Z, and a new bricks and mortar concession format.

The new technological experience involved smartphone app technology alongside RFID and QR coded technologies in which customers were able to scan clothing tags on their mobile to receive product information and to complete their purchase; thus combining online and in-store retailing, as well as lowering staff and product cost. Product cost was lower due to the showroom concept as the selected stock would be available in one of each size, allowing the consumer to try on and interact with items, which they previously could not due to Asos being an online-only brand. Staffing cost would also be lower due to customers being able to scan and purchase products without the aid of a till area or assistant.

My final year process started with my dissertation ‘Micro-influencers: Generation Z’s new social media engagement with bricks and mortar.’ Which allowed me to explore the micro-influencer industry within Instagram, through primary research, and how this form of marketing is changing the way Generation Z interacts with bricks and mortar. This then leads me to Competition, the ideation process lead me to create my concept for Final Major Project, my key drivers were ‘Algorithmic industries, technological in-store experiences, and retailer app engagement.’ My Final Major Project represented all these key drivers with the use of RFID and QR representing algorithms, the technological experience was through the use of mobile smartphones and this connected to retailer app engagement as consumers must scan the items through the Asos app (shown in the video on the left).

The main career path I have wanted to take has been within the Merchandising sector, due to my work experience within River Island and my favourite module being ‘Buying and Merchandising’ from the first year. However, I am also interested in Forecasting and Marketing due to also enjoying the modules but with my final year projects being based on the marketing sector. Overall I am open in what I want to do as I have enjoyed every module of my University course for different reasons and I would love to further learn about the various careers within the industry.