Lydia Elizabeth Ellis

Lydia Elizabeth Ellis

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: de Scandi - Online Contemporary Scandinavian Fashion

The great thing about it, is that its all part of a natural lifestyle we live in Scandinavia, that focuses on democracy, high quality, trust and ''hygge''. Themes that many countries are trying to mirror. - Dorothea Gundtoft
The Scandinavian fashion market, is fairly new on to the fashion scene but is a massive influencing factor in to the future of fashion.
After the great recession of 2008, consumers have turned to new ways of having a desirable wardrobe at a more sustainable level, saving money and still being stylish. Scandinavian design has always been distinguished as minimal and cool. But with Scandinavia being known as a region of subtle and easy going attitudes they have never publicised their lifestyles. Through an interest in their interior and design skills, more people have become educated about Scandinavia, and as more people are learning they are buying in to Scandinavian products.

The ‘Scandi Style’ appeared in the UK market as a trend about 5 years ago and it has now evolved in to a way of living. Clean, Simple and minimal interiors, health and beauty are just some of the sectors Scandinavian Style has in uenced. By pushing them in the direction of the Scandinavian aesthetic.
British consumers have developed a fascination and interest in Scandinavian design and the way that the Scandinavian population live their day to day lives.

The Scandinavian style is distinctive for being functional and minimal aesthetically. De Scandi’s mission is to encapsulate this, collaborating the leading brands across Scandinavia in one place and making them easily accessible to the United Kingdom their consumer market where an interest in such is evidently growing. Not only will the online store sell quality Scandinavian products but it will also help promote the region, allowing users to discover discover more about Scandinavian lifestyle, design and quality of living.

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