Lucy Whysall

Lucy Whysall

Lucy Whysall

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Garment Technology 2020


Final Major Project

After 6 months of working alongside the team at Brøgger, I decided that I
would like to do my final major project in collaboration with them. For the
project, I was required to create 2 outfits which are Brøgger designs, going
through all processes of manufacture to reach 4 complete garments.

During my time working at Brøgger, I got a huge amount of experience
working in the industry. As the team is small I was involved in a lot of work
that was significant including pattern cutting and sewing, I was a valued
member of the team. I developed and gained many skills in these areas and
overall it was a great experience which I undoubtedly enjoyed.

Throughout this portfolio, I will be showcasing the work I have produced
during my collaboration with Brøgger.
Lucy Whysall