Lucy Spencer

Lucy Spencer

Lucy Spencer

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Independent Final Project | Personal Statement

“Let’s Talk Confident. Let’s Talk Periods.”

A new organisation, challenging the stigma surrounding periods and encouraging conversation.

Let’s Talk Periods are a new organisation who are tackling period silence. By visiting schools on a regular basis providing inclusive workshops and a school-portal app, allowing registered schools to give their students free access to the Let’s Talk Periods interactive app.

During the research and ideation phase before Let’s Talk Periods was established, a gap was found within the updated school curriculum set out by the government in 2020 and the need for wider and louder discussion surrounding periods and various common issues is being campaigned for more than ever, including the need for gender inclusive education.

Topics such as Endometriosis, Menstrual Nutrition, Cervical Cancers and PCOS are discussed to further educate those with periods, and those without, to ensure they will find it easier to notice any unusual symptoms and look after their health and bodies.

Before starting university, I was very creative and artistic, especially digitally and since studying Fashion Business & Promotion I have developed my ADOBE creative suite skills and found that Marketing is an industry I would like to explore and progress within.

During the course, I noticed I was drawn to the marketing and creative aspect of almost every module, such as being able to create the marketing strategy for my Events Management group project.

From this, I have since developed a small independent Instagram Boutique due to being furloughed from Covid-19 which has allowed me to further develop my creative and marketing skills alongside basic buying skills, another field which I am interested in, finance, and photography skills.

I also had the opportunity to secure an internship as a creative content intern, creating social media content, editing videos, using influencer outreach and researching social trends and campaigns for the company. This further motivated me to pursue a career in Marketing.

During the lockdown periods from Covid-19, I have encouraged myself to practice and develop my skills and apply myself to new opportunities, such as the independent business and internship mentioned above. The pandemic allowed me to find new ways of being mentally stimulated and drove me to focus on self-development. I plan to continue looking for small opportunities to further my knowledge to enhance my skills, ensuring I am constantly ready and relevant for the industry before applying for graduate or assistant marketing roles.