Lucy Saltinstall

Lucy Saltinstall
Lucy Saltinstall

Lucy Saltinstall

COURSE: Fashion 2018 Graduate Fashion Week 2018

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2018


Nature's Vandalism

“They may be tiny but they break through concrete. They are everywhere and yet unseen."

"They occupy an urban landscape which is very hostile and they have to be adaptable and find little bits of soil to prosper"

I explored the work of a few photographers who document the High Line throughout the seasons, and focused on one in particular, Joel
Sternfeld, whose work was used in a bid to rejuvenate this forgotten wildscape in the heart of Manhattan. Looking further into the
juxtaposition of wild landscape against concrete architecture, I found artist Michael Landy and photographer Wolfgang Tilmans; Landy
creates delicate etchings of weeds found at roadsides, and Tilmans has a series of photographs showing the resilience of wild nature
growing in window boxes in urban areas. In order to translate this imagery into my designs I’ve created an all over repeat print influenced by the photographers I’d looked at, painting a variety of plants and weeds that are growing on the High Line and mixing them together to create a dense, overgrown look. I also experiemented with creating prints taking influence from the Barbican, looking at how light creates different shapes as it hits the concrete, to contrast against the foliage of my all over print. My collection brings together a mix of tailored, boxy garments, oversized knitted pieces and sportswear detailing, featuring lots of layering to mesh all these styles together, portraying the mix of natural and manmade elements. I’ve also used unusual materials such as concrete, artificial turf and insulation fabric to create different textures, and alter the way the garments work on the body.