Lucy Giles

Lucy Giles

Lucy Giles

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Printed Textiles and Surface Design 2020



This collection aims to celebrate and highlight the beauty of critically endangered species in the rainforest that inspired the outcomes of the collection.

Evanescence includes a range of bespoke textile statement pieces for high end interiors. A selection of the fabrics allow light to travel through the material whereas some include the aim of expressing the technical skills of the designer.

There needs to be more attention on species that are endangered due to human action such as deforestation, farming and hunting. The collection aims to draw attention to unusual species that people may have never seen before. The concept of this project shows the existence to non-existent life in the rainforest through the notion of fading that can be explored through line, shape, colour and density. The textile statement fabrics created explore some of the following print and embroidery processes such as sublimation, devore, fraying, silk shading, fabric manipulation and layering of fabric.