Lucy Elliott

Lucy Elliott

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Dermalogica Makeup Development

Baby boomer women feel neglected by beauty brands that focus solely on anti-ageing, but what do they really want?
Looking younger isn’t their priority, it’s looking their best
There is a gap in the market for a multifunctional makeup range that helps improve skin conditions. Primary research shows that consumers aged fifty plus, want to look their best using products that improve their skin health, while concealing their skin impurities. Dermalogica is a brand dedicated to delivering skin health results through education and innovation. By creating a makeup range to help symptoms of skin conditions like acne and hyper-pigmentation, I will fill a gap in Dermalogica’s product portfolio and the market.

After completing my dissertation I found many people had an out-dated perception of the baby boomer generation (50 plus), who were considered old, retired and useless with technology. However they are in fact living very differently. Baby boomers are one of the largest spenders of beauty in the US and are increasingly seeking travel and adventure. They are also ‘tech savvy’ and use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter as a source of information.

Baby boomers also felt neglected by beauty brands who focus too much on anti-ageing products. For my final project I wanted to cater for some of the changing needs of this generation. A makeup range for Dermalogica will appeal to this generation by focusing on improving and concealing skin impurities associated with age.

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