Lucy Chetwynd

Lucy Chetwynd

Lucy Chetwynd

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



CORAL COLLECTIVE | Final Major Project
“Love your body because you only have one"

A concept created which was motivated by a passion of body image and wanting to make a change.
Coral Collective is a theoretical sustainable swimwear brand that aims to empower women and make them feel confident within their own skin. These objectives have been achieved by creating a collection that is suitable for an age range of 18-45-year-old females, providing them with on trend and comfortable swimwear. Coral Collective is designed to engage with and target the following consumer tribes: The Self-Acceptance consumer and The Aging Bodies.

The rise of fat acceptance, body positivity and self-love is teaching women to love the body they have, therefore shaping the way consumers shop. Consumers are searching for brands that empower shapes and curves rather than promote an unhealthy and unachievable body image. Body positive brands are on the rise and Coral Collective aims to be part of the fast-growing movement to help encourage body confidence, promote acceptance of all body shapes and challenge how society views the ‘perfect’ body.


“For every £1 you spend on Influencer Marketing you can expect an average return of £18”

”Understanding Social Media Influencers in the 21t Century and Their Impact on Consumer Purchase Decisions within the Fast Fashion Industry”, a report that sheds light on influencer culture and their importance within the fast fashion industry. It shows the significance of social media platforms and how they can be used to engage with consumers to market products. Specifically focussing on millennials and generation Z buying habits and what influences their choice to buy these products. A future career in public relations and influencer marketing for a fashion brand is a significant motive, gaining more knowledge on this subject matter will improve the skills needed for these jobs. Depth research into brand and influencer relationships as well as consumer and influencer relationships will be important to pursue this career.