Lucy Ball

Lucy Ball

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Pause

S L O W: the general idea of re-gaining consciousness of time and valuing that time again
It is an agreed understanding that fashions do not always have to conform to the latest trends or fads; instead, they can follow a mindset - a need for classic, timeless styles that do not alter with changing seasons.
Pause is an independent eco fashion and lifestyle concept boutique that encompasses the core qualities of slow living, a relatively young yet revolutionary approach that embraces eco, ethical and sustainable practices. A beautifully simple yet characteristic design, Pause is a place for inspiration and connection. Building a sense of community that encourages a re-evaluation of fast-paced modern living, inspiring a new era to slow down and take the time to value life. The brand joins an expanding caring economy that unites style and quality with sustainable and ethically produced goods.

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