Lucia Duffin

Lucia Duffin

Lucia Duffin

COURSE: Fashion 2021


Design for Performance 2021


In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Royal British Legion

Dress created on behalf of the Royal British Legion

The focus of the brief was to create a dress to commemorate 100 years of the Royal British Legion (RBL) Poppy Appeal. This is of particular interest personally as I am an ex-serving member of the Royal Forces. The aim was to collaborate with the RBL to raise funds and thereby use the product of my Final Major Project to honour past and present service men and women.
In order to set up a collaboration, I approached a local branch of the RBL to discuss ideas and explain the focus of the project. It proved challenging to identify an appropriate point of contact but, once this was done, I was put in touch with a serving member of the Royal Air Force who agreed to model the dress.
The design was finalised, with the plan to create, by hand, over 300 silk, beaded poppies to adorn the finished gown. This was very time-consuming but was achieved within the expected time frame by reducing the final number of poppies to 251. Total time taken to create the dress approximately 650 hours including poppies.
I believe my positive attitude, perseverance and commitment to the project have helped me to complete the project.
Lucia Duffin