Lou Emma Howlett

Lou Emma Howlett

COURSE: DESTINATIONS 2017 Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design for Performance 2017

TITLE: Goddess of Fire / Scarlett Ward Poetry

"The final pieces, they fit like a glove! The outfit was comfortable, looked stunning and above expectation."
Shelly D'Inferno, 2017
I collaborated with two different clients for my Final Major Project, within the Design for Performance Pathway. I have a keen interest in alternative costume, which can be seen particularly with my first collaboration, but my second one contrasts this and shows my capability of other styles. I collaborated with Shelly D'Inferno, for my first project, on a costume suitable for a fire performance. Taking inspiration from goddesses and warriors with the added elements she specified to include, I created a body of work and a costume made up of seven pieces for her. Loki Films created a video of Shelly performing in the costume with fire and it was captured in picture form by Slothworks Photography. The costume features laser cut filigree, rhinestones, the silver is entirely hand painted and a head piece, created to hold her fire sticks.

For the second collaboration of my FMP, I worked with Scarlett Ward Poetry. The project was formed by producing conceptual research from a series of Scarlett's poems, guided by herself and her own inspirations. The final costume shows transition through the poems, as the items within it are layered on top of another. This formed the concept of the short film as our final piece together. We created a film with Richard Wakefield, combining props and a natural setting, capturing the costume in motion. Scarlett's poetry is then laid over the top of the video, to tell the story. Key features of this costume include laser cut mosaic patterns, the use of lacing, a plum colour palette and shells sewn around the neckline, these all relate to quotes from her poetry.

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