Lorna Phipps

Lorna Phipps

Lorna Phipps

COURSE: Textiles 2018

Pathway: Embroidered Textiles

Concrete Jungle

Lorna's collection 'Concrete Jungle' explores animal's adaptation to urban life as deforestation becomes an increasing problem to animals and their habitats. These patterns designed to combine urban buildings with fragmenting animals to stimulate camouflage.

Lorna Phipps is a Textile Designer and Artist who creates bespoke hand painted and embroidered fabric for fashion and interiors. Often taking inspiration from a number of different elements, including nature and architecture. Exploring design motifs through drawing, her designs are highly detailed, with different inspirational elements working together to create dynamic motifs. Combinations of thick and thin yarns embroidered into painted motifs, the texture of animals fur is recreated.