Lola Willis

Lola Willis

Lola Willis


Pathway: Design Menswear 2019


The Chairman

Lola Willis - Graduate Fashion Week 2019 Accessories Award sponsored by YKK, FINALIST

Lola's graduate collection 'The Chairman' is derived from her interest in recurring garments being worn by men to work, and in the form and functionality that she found in the office furniture in which these works sit and work at – with many spending 75% of their day in a body support including a chair.

The work of photographer, Peter Funch, served as inspiration for this collection. Standing on the same street for 9 years during the hours of 8:30am to 9:30am he captured the same people, comparatively placing pairs of images together of the same commuters, documenting and highlighting their obvious repetitive appearance choice.

The collection features mundane office wear colours, and subtle graphic and text-based repetitive prints. The large layered silhouettes of the designs reflect the male commuter wearing a similar shirt, trouser, and jacket to their workplace, with the use of foam padding and accessory design reflecting the large amount of time workers spend in their chair.