Lois Taylor

Lois Taylor

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



Vault- a multi-functional mobile app that provides a digital platform to store e-receipts and receive personalised offers and discounts

Vault is a new multi-functional app that allows users to scan and store e-receipts on their smartphone. This works via NCF technology which is the same technology used as contactless payment. Then the data collected from the receipt is used to provide users wither personalised offers and discounts that is tailored specifically to what they buy. In addition to this Vault provides users with a budgeting service to help monitor their spending.
The final major project idea originated from dissertation recommendations and peer reviews that suggested the consumer need for a digitalised mobile loyalty scheme that is personalised towards the consumer. This mirrored the dissertation research that identified the consumer desire for personalisation and the need for technology to be used to enhance the shopping experience. Vault offers the consumer a unique experience by providing the user with personalised discounts that could result in repeat purchases for the retailer.

As more retailers implement e-receipts into their strategy Vault offers a service where customers can store their e-receipts on a digital platform; instead of e-receipts ending up in junk mail boxes and the consumer can end up loosing the receipt
The purpose of Vault is to end the use of the paper receipts in retail and help to alleviate the negative impact the fashion industry has on the environment from deforestation.

As part of FMP the following was created
Business Plan
Marketing Strategy
Promotional Video
App demo