Lois Martin

Lois Martin

Lois Martin

COURSE: Fashion 2018

Pathway: Garment Technology 2018


Collaboration with Rhys Ellis

Final Major Project

Developing pieces to be used for his Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection

For our Final Major Project I was required to work, collaborate with a company in a live project to create 2 outfits proposed by the chosen company.

The company that I chose to collaborate was with the designer Rhys Ellis who provided me with garment specifications. The garments that were given were to be used for the Autumn / Winter 2018 collection. Along with creating these garments they were to be graded and produced in a bigger size and technical spec packs to be produced with these.

Pattern cutting and technical drawings from fashion illustrations are some of my strongest skills, together with the use of Adobe Illustrator to make technical drawings along with Photoshop. I have also gained experience of using the Gerber system for lay plans and grading.