Liyu yang

Liyu yang

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


VR interior

The application prospect of VR is almost unlimited. It can bring users into a virtual space and provide them with a disruptive experience.

#Newshoppingexperence #Triggeremotionalresponse in the brain.

VR interior is an innovative retail store and marketing method driven by the need for alternative traditional retail experiences with a clear gap in the market for a fresh marketing strategy that uses vr to sell home textiles and interiors. It is located on the ground floor of the mailbox in Birmingham.

It aims to successfully bridges the gap between traditional interiors and textile stores and digital marketing ,Encouraging navigation and exploration of using vr marketing techniques, establishing independent home textile and interior retail stores in Birmingham and creates an experience and narrative to go with the product trigger emotional response in the brain.

The advent of the experience economy has led to the emergence of experiential marketing. In order for consumers to have a better experience, businesses can be said to be doing their best. Due to restrictions on funds and experience time and space, not all businesses can build a place for consumers to experience. The core of experience marketing is the user experience, but if it has always been a one-sided experience, then the effect of the experience cannot be the highest. Therefore, the "static" experience is still limited to the promotion effect of the brand of the existence of these problems , to a certain extent, affects the business efficiency of the business. The use of VR devices powered by VR technology can help businesses deal with these difficulties. With VR technology devices, consumers can experience the functionality of the product wherever they want to. The interactive function of VR technology can make the consumer experience effect to the extreme. In the shortest possible time, the deepest impression on the product is left in the depths of the consumer's mind. The use of VR technology to achieve the pursuit of sensibility and contextual consumer appeal, creating activities worthy of consumers' memories is the most rewarding experience marketing mode.

The first landscape video shows my dissertation used various primary and secondary research techniques to synthesise and explore a topic of choice. Reality check is to determine if there is sustainability in interior textiles materials and the future of the sustainable home textiles industry in the UK. Used servey monkey questionnaires with 100 target consumers and conducted email interviews with industry experts.
The portrait video gives an insight to my final major project following on from my dissertation research, developed and created my own project brief. Constructed a business plan and marketing strategy for vr interior retail store, and created vr retail store mockup.

I hope that I can go back to China after graduation to develop in Shanghai that in the future I can apply the software skills and expertise I learned at the university to branding and marketing strategies.