Lír Packer-Brady

Lír Packer-Brady

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Bê. A toxin free athleisure brand.


Eat Clean, Dress Clean, Bê Clean.
"2/3 of high street garments tested contained potentially harmful chemicals" - Greenpeace
Why do we worry about the chemicals in our cosmetics but not in our clothes? The dissertation explored the commercial viability for toxin free clothing within fashion retail, assessing supply chains and sourcing methods to conclude new strategies for implementation. Skin is permeable and the paper explores how we could be placing our skin at risk when we put on clothes. The document calls for a redefinition of responsible sourcing to actively include consumer exposure to chemicals in the same manner other ethical and environmental issues are promoted by leading retailers, citing the trust consumers subconsciously give during a transaction as sufficient reasoning.

Research gathered demonstrated the opportunity to merge toxin free clothing with the health and wellness movement. This led to the development of Bê, a toxin free athleisure brand. Bê stands for bien être, meaning wellbeing, a value intrinsic to the company holistically. With consumers increasingly wanting to know the story behind the garments worn, each product style will feature ‘The Clear Label. This function is a QR code printed on the care label. Consumers scan the QR code on pre existing QR readers and are promoted to do so through Snapchat. Once scanned, consumers are directed to a web page stating a breakdown of the substances used at each stage of the manufacturing process and with short 10-30 second video clips of the products being made, allowing for easy consumer engaging transparency.
Lír Packer-Brady

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