Lipa Khanom

Lipa Khanom

Lipa Khanom

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



Marketing and PR Project

"Women of colour love the beauty industry, but does the beauty industry love them back?"

#MYSKIN project looks at the lack of diversity historically and in current times of the beauty industry. With statistics showing in a report from Superdrug 2016 that 70% of Asian and black women in the UK alone feel that high street stores do not cater to their beauty needs.

75% of 390 women of colour thought the staff at beauty counters were useless, lacked knowledge and ‘didn’t care’ to help match their shades as focus’ were rather to make sales. Social media was the best help for 88% of these women when comparing with influencers and YouTubers similar to their skin tone. The high numbers of low satisfaction need to be investigated. Women of colour contribute to the ethnic hair and beauty market of £44 millions of the total £51 million total industries spend.

To tackle this issue, #MYSKIN is a marketing campaign that has collaborated with the infamous brand, Fenty Beauty. This is one of the most diverse and innovative brands that cater to deeper undertones with over 42 various shades. They have all been scientifically proven to apply to deeper shades. This brand was chosen due to the popularity it has with women of colour as it came out as one of the top 3 brands with (40%) for known shade diversity following MAC (35%) and Ordinary (25%)

Marketing materials such as #MYSKIN hashtags, YouTube adverts and talk shows with a variety of influencers helped to achieve the aim of this project, to spread awareness to brands and for consumers to speak out and demand change.

Overall, marketing is certainly a sector I want to work in. This module was my favourite module during my three years at university. I created marketing materials for my #MYSKIN project, it made me realize the passion I had for making different campaigns and marketing mocks up, and the length that my creativity could stretch. Marketing campaigns can be fun, exciting and innovative. Therefore, as a ‘stepping-stone’ into the industry, I would be extremely intrigued by how my knowledge and skills would contribute to a brand’s marketing area in the industry.
Also, I completed an Entertainments and Influencer marketing internship with one of the biggest streetwear brands, Adidas, experiencing and learning the different strategies used online and via influencers opened an opportunity in the sector that I would be determined to get into.