lillie Falcus

lillie Falcus

lillie Falcus



Lillie Falcus


-Dedicated and passionate graduate that displays an extensive knowledge of buying.
-Creative and organised individual works effectively to meet deadlines and can communicate well to others.
-This individual can be self reliant by utilising initiative and pro-activity, can also work well in a group setting with leadership and team-working skills

Buying and merchandising
Gained knowledge of buying and merchandising operations including critical paths, comp shops and range planning. Developed skills for Adobe Illustrator by creating six products for Allsaints.

Trends forecasting
Forecasting future trends for SS18 by analysing the current key drivers from political, environmental, social, technological and economic sectors. Attended Premiere vision in Paris. Developed ‘New age sustainability’ trend looking at colours, materials and fabrics .

Visual merchandising
Live brief with Selfridges to design a radical luxury retail space. Developed skills using sketch up and Photoshop also being a team player when working in a group. Short listed group to present in front of the Selfridges VM team, leading to them using our idea for one of their windows in the London store.

Researched extensively into the circular economy, exploring whether it was a solution to sustainability issues in the fashion industry. Included collecting primary research through focus groups.

Final major project
Fuelled by the research from dissertation, a concept was created to introduce more closed loop processes. By introducing a rental clothing business using existing product. USP of the business included a monthly capsule wardrobe. A business plan was created including marketing and finance of the business.