Lili Jukes

Lili Jukes

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



"Where governments are failing, brands are stepping in" (L:SN, 2017)

A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, aspiring to secure a role within the creative marketing sector. Studying has enabled the development of a broad range of transferable skills across various sectors such as Digital Marketing, Branding, PR, E-Commerce, Styling and Events Management. Final year studies have also sparked a keen interest in youth culture, subcultures and cult brands.

Ikonoclast is an emerging global platform which sees upcoming brands become educators on political, social and cultural topics. Ikonoclast’s mission is to provide a safe space that builds a strong consumer and brand relationship, whilst educating the young consumer and making politics more appealing. Video 1 (Top) is a walkthrough of the digital platform. Once signed up, members are able to access exclusive articles, interviews and updates from the participating brands, as well as take part in live debates. Video 2 (Left) highlights the features of the platform.

The dissertation ‘Youth Culture: Subcultures, Cult Brands & Identity’ explores whether subcultures and cult brands have an impact on identity construction, whether subcultures still exist within the current generation and how identities were constructed through subcultures of the past, how they are constructed today and how they will be constructed in the future. The dissertation can be viewed in Video 3 (Right).

Throughout both modules, visual layout has been carefully considered to relate to and reflect each concept. Particularly within FMP, suitable marketing material has been created to demonstrate and visualise the strong brand identity, highlighting skills within creative marketing.
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