Leanne Lauren Goldsbury

Leanne Lauren Goldsbury

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017




“We do not have wifi! talk to each other, pretend its 1995”
Switch off from the digital world & engage in the physical world.
Unplug is a coffee shop that specialises in stocking independent niche magazines that you cannot necessarily access in Birmingham City Centre. During time spent in Unplug you are expected to turn off your digital devices, disconnect yourself from technology and detox your minds from everything the outside world involves. Use the time you spend to seek tranquillity and mindfulness from your everyday lives.

Unplug is built to reconnect the world. It is a social space where you can socialise with other members of the community. By putting your phone down you can build real interaction relationships with others rather than building false connections on social media. Engage in the quality, feel and content of the magazines that Unplug provides. Engage in the quality of the conversation with other people in the space around you with a time that best suits you.

Unplug will be located in the Great Western Arcade (GWA) in Birmingham. The GWA is a small niche retail centre in Birmingham which offers a unique shopping experience for consumers. The GWA is often referred to as the home of hidden gems as it creates a climate for smaller retailers to thrive in this fast-paced competitive market place. The GWA is a place that allows the consumers to escape the monotony of the high street.

“When I walk into a cafe and everyone is locked into their laptops and the only sounds I hear are the clicks of a track pad, I tend to not feel welcome or like I am a part of the community"
[Jeff Excel, co-owner of Fox in the Snow]

I am a recent Graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion. Through this course I have learnt and gained skills in Fashion and Business. I am very ambitious in Print and Digital Marketing.

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