Leah Watson

Leah Watson

Leah Watson

COURSE: Textiles

Pathway: Embroidered Textiles

Wonderful Misfits

'Wonderful Misfits' is a vibrant, structural floral collection, designed to celebrate the beauty of being unique. Inspired by the types of flower mutations - fasciation and proliferation, they have playful styling potential.

Inspired by the aesthetic and movement of these two particular mutations, playful, low-budget materials such as craft foam, vinyl and felt are transformed, combined and used to create statement 3D samples and embellishments. Each piece consists of both hand and laser cut pieces, combined with intricate hand beading and stitching. Bold, eye-catching and vibrant colour is used to excite and evoke a positive mood. Each floral oozes with its own unique personality and celebrates being different from the rest.

Potential applications for these florals include hair pieces, jewellery, bag design, brooches and more. There is further potential for visual merchandising, art pieces and translation into print design.