Lauren Cartledge

Lauren Cartledge

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2017

TITLE: Idea to outcome forecasting


The Natural Revolt
i-O provides image dominant forecasting which gives visual stimulation in the design process, giving bespoke packs to the user including specific menswear and print packs.
The revolt reversal in the clash of policies creates a sense of togetherness acting as a shield from previous societal backlash. A key shift in behaviour is noted as a displacement of previous anger to a seemingly more positive outlook. AW19 is the season for change and success in numbers as a new colony of influencers is formed. Explored through an age of protest, the idea of realising the strength in the power of speech is at the forefront of this trend. Empowered by protest consumers are learning to stand together to create a ‘brighter’ future from what once was a seemingly dark movement. This meaningful shift brings colour and substantial power to the streets. Driven by a sense of control given to consumers.
Lauren Cartledge

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