Lauren Bicknell

Lauren Bicknell

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



Subculture style was not just about fashion trends or practicality, it was an expression of defiance & aversion.
Technology within menswear is moving closer to true individualisation- selling to an individual consumer rather than a demographic.
As subculture evolves & enters a ‘digital’ age dominated by social media; it can seem that the traditional meaning & values once associated with it are changing. Revival is a marketing concept working under retailer Pretty Green that aims to re-create the feeling exclusivity of subculture with the introduction of theRevival App. Using ‘Find Similar’ technology Revival can provide consumers with a personalised shopping & social experience taking into consideration style, music tastes & interests; all whilst enriching their knowledge of the influences behind the garments.

Having identified the era associated with a particular collection or garment, the app then focuses in on the education element of the brand- swipe right to “ Rewind and 
Remember” exploring the rock ’n’ roll cultures of the late forties through to the early Noughties’ through 
music, videos, image galleries, articles and interviews of the past decades that define the detected era. Yet as the name of the brand would suggest the app also 
encourages the consumer to “Rework & Revive” when swiped to the left the Revival app showcases more current and emerging young bands with similar sounds, styles and inspirations along with further product 
suggestions from the Pretty Green 
inventory; adapting the distinctions of those subcultures for the contemporary consumer.

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