Lauren Alexandra Sinar

Lauren Alexandra Sinar

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



A luxury online platform that brings digital and physical retail together

Graduating with a BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion with a passion to pursue a career in marketing. My interest in marketing has grew throughout my studies, where various modules such as Marketing & PR and work internships have allowed me to explore this. Working within Adobe programmes such as Photoshop and InDesign are where I feel most at ease; creating, designing and experimenting. My time at University has allowed to gain valuable communication, theoretical and creativity skills that I will put forward in my career.


My dissertation focuses on bringing digital and physical retail together through a luxury online platform. With “1/5 of luxury purchases being processed online by 2025” (McKinsey & Company, 2018) and the staggering decline of physical shops, the concept allows the two to work together for the convenience of the consumers while giving a strong omni-channel approach.

The platform provides 35-50-year olds with an experiential and sensory shopping experience through the use of combining video content and Autonomous sensory meridian response. This aligns to the rise in experiential luxury (BCG, 2020) and the common issue of product being misrepresented on online platforms; the use of video will allow the customer to see the product in better quality.

As a luxury brand represent, Opulence was created to recognise every customers needs and wants and address this, as research found the audience feel they aren’t targeted properly. The luxury platform will act as a branded community with the opportunity to earn points that give loyal shoppers exclusive access to events, talks and products.

The project was heavily marketing focus as this was the main unique selling point for the business and is what would differentiate them from competitors. The marketing strategy included the aims, competitor analysis, audience, tactics, costings, timeline of events.

A business plan, marketing strategy, website, packaging report and research document were created with assistance from collaborators.