Laura Watson

Laura Watson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Augmented Reality in Marketing

Augmented Reality in F&F at Tesco

“As Augmented and Virtual Reality continues to grow towards an expected market value of £80.3bn ($108bn, $91.3bn) by 2021, brands are using the technology to facilitate enhanced customisation and try-before-you-buy experiences” (Walker,2017).

A graduate in Fashion Business and Promotion at Birmingham City University. This course has equipped me with a variety of skills through various modules. I have gained skills in IT, I can work well in a team and I am both flexible and adaptable to change. Upon completion of this course I would like to pursue a career in Marketing, my final year focused on ‘The Digital Age: How have marketers used emerging technology to communicate within the fashion industry.’ This then lead me to be passionate about Augmented Reality in a retail environment.

Technology is forever changing in the fashion industry that is why marketers and retailers need to understand consumer behaviour and future trends to meet these demands. Generation Z have become a key demographic that meet the instant gratification society. That is why marketers need to understand how to manipulate consumer shopping emotions and find out what a consumer purchases to suggest ways in which a brand can give them greater pleasure. Brands must create a retail space that integrates experience, entertainment, and a store hub of community using technology.

Following the recommendations from the dissertation, these were all refined and executed into a Final Major Project subjecting, “Augmented Reality in F&F at Tesco.” The concept is to enhance customer experience and satisfaction using touch-screens in-store, accompanied by an F&F app and QR Code on clothing labels. F&F aim to be the world’s leading, affordable fashion retailer. They want to delight customers with the quality products the company love, sourced from suppliers they are proud to work and partner with. The brands mission is to serve Britain’s shoppers, a little better every day, whilst helping customers to enjoy a better quality of life and easier way of living. The concept was thoroughly researched and justified through both primary and secondary research, key drivers, market analysis and commercial awareness.

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