Laura Roach

Laura Roach

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: The Sense Experience at Selfridges

Brands need to consider the physical store as a place of learning and inspiration, even if this means slowing the journey to purchase
Creating a unique and engaging store environment to interact with consumers is key!
Sense is multi sensory in-store pop up experience for Selfridges & co department store which takes consumers on a unique interactive journey around the retail space allowing them to engage in their senses showing them new ways to engage with environment and products to create a more memorable shopping experience.
Its aim is to regain consumer’s engagement with In-store shopping by creating a unique experience to reconnect their emotion and senses, which have been dulled from constant connectivity online, and they’re by influencing their purchasing behaviour and creating brand loyalty.

For the Sense concept for Selfridges three documents were put together through extensive brand, consumer and competitor research. The Business plan creates the strategies to implement the proposal while also covering finances and risk assessments, with the marketing plan laying out the strategies in detail including launch dates, main strategies and social media guidelines and the Visual Concept book combines key trend inspiration with key visuals to the Concept breakdown for Sense.

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